Eminem Rejects Mothers Settlement Offer


has rejected his mother's $2 Million dollar settlement offer,

according to court records. Debbie Mathers-Briggs filed suit against

Eminem for a whopping $10 Million dollars, claiming that Em defamed

her by describing her in various magazines and songs as an unhappy,

lawsuit happy drug user. Briggs, who now resides in St. Joseph

Missouri, filed the suit in September of 1999 against her son.

Her attorney, Fred Gisbon submitted the offer privately to Eminem

in June. Eminem didn't respond to either offer.

According to Eminem's

Attorney, Peter Peacock, he will take the trial to court, claiming

truth as a defense. Eminem still intends to take the civil suit

to trial and will claim truth as a defense, said his attorney,

Peter Peacock. Eminem is scheduled to give a deposition on Sept.

13. Em's latest album, The Marshall Mathers LP has sold over 5

Million copies according to Soundscan.