Eminem Releases New Source Diss Song

In the latest in the war of words between Eminem and Ray "Benzino"

Scott, three new songs by Eminem are circulating on the Internet, aimed

at the Source magazine's owners.

On the first song "Bully", Eminem accuses Benzino of extreme jealously and vowed that he would not back down from The Source magazine.

"I'm withholding my anger, though I'd like to be the strangler of this

punk-ass little pu**y's puny neck/It's my right to insist that he

acknowledge my existence but he just displayed complete lack of

respect/That's what he says to himself as he uses magazines to trash

me/As he sits with both of his feet up at his desk/ Smokes a bag of his

weed and starts imagining things and he can't see that he's just

maniacally depressed."

In the song, Eminem claims that jealously and envy are the true roots of Benzino's issues with him.

"Everywhere he goes, so he just torches himself he has no fortune and wealth so he extorts someone else/To get his dough, and now he's acting like a bully/So he tries to

push and pull me/But he knows that he can't fool me."

Eminem does not directly address the recent controversy surrounding a 10-year-old tape the magazine recently

released, featuring the rapper making disparaging comments against African-American women and using the word ni**er.

He apologized last week, claiming he was an angry teenager when the recording was

made and had just split with his African-American girlfriend.

The Source responded, claiming that the tape was recorded when Eminem was 21-years-old.

The two's year long feud has spared no one, including their children, ex-girlfriends and their rap crews.

In previous raps, Benzino has said to Em, "You're the rap David Duke, you're the rap Hitler ... I'm the rap Malcolm [X], the rap Martin [Luther King]."

Conversely, Em has retorted with past disses like “The Sauce” and “Nail in the Coffin.”