Eminem Reps For Detroit, Rappers Battle It Out

Eminem represented for Detroit last Thursday

at St. Andrew's Shelter, where battle scenes from the "8 Mile" were


Mekhi Phifer, Xzibit, Mitchy Slick, Stronghold

and D-12 joined Eminem on stage as the rapper performed his hit Academy Award

nominated single, "Lose Yourself."

"I just wanted to bring that reality to

life," Phifer told AllHipHop.com of his role in the movie. "I feel

like I'm a cat that portrays life. I've been a representative for young Black


Before the concert, organizers held a rap battle

that featured contestants from across the country. MarvOne, who is from Detroit

and is also featured in the "8 Mile" movie, took first place.

"Lady luck was on my side," MarvOne

said. The rapper had some choice words to say about Eminem during his freestyling.

Eminem, who was not rhyming due to a sore throat, ended up coming on the stage

and going toe to toe as well.

"I guess Em felt I was worth a response

[after hearing my rhymes]," MarvOne continued. "Em can't let the crowd

think he was taking a loss."

While MarvOne was the victor, the true spirit

of hip-hop was shown by the participants, who saw the positive side of just

being in the battle with future heavyweights.

"He was incredible and deserved to win,

but I want the world to know that I repped well too," upcoming rapper Frank

"FR" Ruiz told AllHipHop.com. "Hopefully this can be parleyed

into something bigger."

"It was a decent battle," Proof said.

Mekhi Phifer's character, Future, was based on the D-12 group member. "There

are some spitters and some that have been listening to the radio too much. But

some of the dudes, I was blown away like 'Wow!'"

The “8 Mile” DVD is available in stores

tomorrow (March 18). The DVD will feature additional battle scenes and an exclusive

video for "Superman."