Eminem Rips Donald Trump Again!

Eminem just bombed on The Donald again in a freestyle that sounded more like a rant.

(AllHipHop News) Eminem is not the one to play with. The dude is so vocal, he is basically daring Donald Trump, president of White America, to say something about him. For some reason, Trump won’t. Is that some White Dude Bro Code? Because Trump is going hard at Jemele Hill over some Sports BS at ESPN. This isn’t the first time that Trump and Eminem clashed, but it was just Eminem doing the talking.

In a freestyle for BET’s Hip-Hop Awards, Trump got trumped again by the Detroit spitter. If you listen closely Em really goes at the guy some call president over a bunch of matters like immigration, the NFL fiasco, gun control, environmental matters and more. Em even gives Obama his much needed props, "But we better give Obama props/ Cause what we've got in office now's/ A kamikaze that'll probably cause a nuclear holocaust."

Eminem also talks about how Trump is just a big distraction. Like I should be talking about Puerto Rico right now.

The new Eminem album is expected on November 17.

TheCoder u must be a idiot to think that

TheCoder u must be a idiot to think that

I was like: What can't Aaron Rodgers do?

Em shave that shit ur face look dusty

VanillahGoRillah ikr Eminem lookin like scruff Mcgruff