Eminem's Mama Drama


Mathers-Briggs has been denied a request

to collect more money for settling a pair of lawsuits

against her son, Eminem. Mathers-Briggs tried to change

attorneys and protest efforts that were forcing her

into a settlement of $25,000 in her claims against her

son, whose real name is Marshall Mathers III.

``It's clearly

a settlement,'' Macomb County Circuit Judge Mark S.

Switalski ruled on Monday. ``If someone feels remorse

subsequent to it, that doesn't change that it is a settlement,

established in writing by agents of the parties.''

The Judge

in the case ruled that Mathers-Briggs lost her legal

standing to get more money. She had initially sued her

son for $25,000. Her new lawyer is claiming that the

settlement is invalid.

``She didn't

sign anything, and this so-called settlement went through

after she'd already written a letter attempting to fire

her attorney,'' Michael Marsalese said.

The whole

lawsuit begain when Mathers-Briggs filed two defamation

lawsuits over Eminem's statements in magazines and radio

talk-show interviews that portrayed her as an unstable,

lawsuit-happy drug user.


dropped the lawsuit because she wanted to try reconciling

with her son,'' Mathers-Briggs' mother, Betty Kresin

of St. Joseph, Mo., told The Macomb Daily. ``But then

she's told me she wants to bring it back, and then she

doesn't, and I don't know what's going on.''

Eminem meanwhile,

was to appear in an Oakland County Circuit Court to

be sentenced on a weapons possesion charge. The hearing

was postponed because the Judge had a full schedule.