Eminem's Mom: 'Marshall Is Very Unhappy'

Eminem's mother, Debbie Mathers-Briggs, appeared

on Fox's television news show, The Pulse tonight (Feb. 27).

Briggs spoke with Bill O'Reilly about Eminem,

saying the world famous rapper was very unhappy.

"From what I've heard, Marshall has been

drinking alot. Drinking is an escape," Debbie Mathers said. "He's

my son. It's very dangerous out there, the rap world I was told, can be very


When O'Reilly asked Briggs if she longed to share

in some of her son's success, a somber Briggs responded "It would be nice

if sometimes if I could be there."

Mathers-Briggs told her son that he needed to

mature and get over his anger towards her.

Eminem is worth an estimated $75 million dollars.

"I was there with him for fourteen years,

it was me and him against the world. I love him a lot and he's got to know that

deep down inside. I have always been there for him and I always will be."

In related news, sources say that Eminem will

re-marry his ex wife, Kim, later this year.