Eminem's Mother Carjacked At 8Mile

Debbie Mathers, the estranged mother of Eminem, was reportedly carjacked on the outskirts of Detroit last Thursday (Jan. 21).

According to local reports, Mathers was sitting in her car as her vehicle was being refueled at a gas station that sits at an intersection at the now-famous Eight Mile road.

WDIV-TV in Detroit reported that a teen with a chrome-plated handgun demanded her car and threatened to murder her if she didn’t comply.Apparently, she didn’t respond quickly enough for the carjacker, because he yanked her out of the car and sped away west on Eight Mile road.

Mathers responded by fleeing and immediately calling the local police at a pay phone inside of the gas station.

Mathers gave investigating police information on her car, including the license plate number. The car was soon found with the carjacker stopped at a traffic light at Seven Mile.Stuck in traffic, the teen leapt from the car and ran from authorities, who soon apprehended him.

The 16-year-old Detroit resident was arrested and police seek to charge him as an adult.