Eminem's Movie Gets Mixed Views From The Locals


that everyone in Eminem's

hometown isn't pleased with the artist and "The Untitled

Detroit Project" film that he is shooting in his

old Warren neighborhood. Last week, 30 residents went

to a council meeting to complain that Eminem was getting

royal treatment at their expense. "It's like we don't

count. They have inconvenienced everybody," said

resident Jim Bickel, 47.


to Bickel, school buses also have been rerouted, driveways

blocked and fire hydrants and stop signs obscured by movie

staff trucks, he said. Some trailer park residents also

have to wear "resident" photo IDs to get in

and out of their neighborhood. "The first day they

filmed it was at 5 in the morning, and they blocked entrances

all day and all night," Bickel said. "I had

to go a half-mile out of my way to get home. Excuse me,

these are public streets. I feel I should be able to go



for the movie Carol McConnaughey told a local Detroit

newspaper that the film makers have done what they can

to accommodate nearby residence. A representative went

door to door six weeks before the shooting to prepare

residents for what was in store. Warren Officials project

the city will receive a total of $60,000 from the production

company to cover police overtime costs, said Deputy Mayor

Michael Greiner. Six families from a nearby trailer park

were even put up in a local hotel because equipment blocked

access to their trailers. McConnaughey continued, "I

don't think people understood the full scope of a film

production, but we've been trying to listen to residents

and work with them."

Bickel isn't buying it.

Not everyone

is upset that the $50 million dollar movie is being shot

in their hood. Residence have also said that the project

is bringing much needed excitement into the neighborhood.

"The kids are really excited about it. I'll probably

wait to see the movie until it comes out on cable. But

my daughter wants to see it right away," a local

female said.

Serena Tran,

who is in 7th grade summed up the majority of the neighborhoods

opinion. "It would've been even cooler if they would've

filmed in our section of the trailer park."