Eminem's Show Gets Out Of Control, Documentary On The Way

More than 24 people were injured Saturday (May

25th) during a stampede at RFK Stadium in Washington DC, during a performance

by Eminem, according to officials. Most

of the injuries were minor, the most serious being a man who suffered a heart

attack during the chaos. Eminem resumed his performance at RFK after urging

the crowd to calm down.

The performance was part of the two day long

WHFS Music Festival. During Eminem's second appearance on Sunday, officials

said a man fell 100 feet from the upper deck of the stadium and landed in a

basement area behind the stage. He reportedly suffered severe internal injuries

and is in critical condition. Local news camera's were barred from entering

the arena and officials refused to comment on the falling incident.

Authorities also arrested almost 40 people, mostly

on drug charges.

In related news, there is a new documentary being

screened, titled "Eminem's Mum." Bruce Goodison's He spent a month

in Detroit, trying to get Debbie Mathers Briggs' side of the story. The hour

long film is about Eminem's extended family, mainly his mother, Debbie Mathers

Briggs. The documentary focuses on the events that led up to her filing a $10

million dollar lawsuit against Eminem for defamation of character in 1999. Other

family members featured include Em's aunt Betty, his younger brother Nathan

(who also wants to be a rapper) and Eminem's uncle Todd.

Brigg's takes viewers on a tour of the family's

old residence in Missouri, claims that family members had to wait up to four

hours to see Eminem perform, and claims to identify sources of Eminem's lyrics.

Eminem refused to take part in the film.