Eminem's Step-Daughter's Dad Wanted For Stealing Red Bull & Having Drugs In Jail

Eminem is a great dad, but he's having some family issues.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Eminem is going through a little family drama, just as he celebrates 11 years of his own sobriety.

Eminem adopted his daughter Whitney, the child Eric Hartter fathered with Em's ex-wife, Kim Mathers (Scott).

The Detroit rap star stepped up to the plate as both of the parents fought through drug addiction, resulting in Em adopting Whitney.

Em also adopted Kim's sister's kid Alaina, in addition to his brother Nathan, all while raising his own daughter, Hailie.

According to RadarOnline.com, Em's adopted daughter's father Eric Hartter is wanted by the cops.

The 40-year-old skipped a court date to be sentenced for stealing $200 worth of Red Bull from a local CVS in December of 2017.

Hartter was hit with more serious charges almost 24 hours later when he was busted inside the jail with Fentanyl and methamphetamine

Hartter was supposed to show up for sentencing on April 17, where he could face the possibility of a life sentence since he has been labeled a habitual offender.

An arrest warrant for Hartter was issued earlier this week.

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Ems' Step Daughters Dad?? HUH.. WTF with this Jerry Springer Ass story... Pls...


How & Why is this an actual Hip Hop Story?!!?!? The person involved isn't an artist, producer, manager or label executive. This site has to be better than this.