Eminem Says Tape Was Made As A Frustrated Teen

At a press conference in New York yesterday, The Source Magazine unveiled a tape recording of Eminem freestyling, using racial slurs against African-Americans.The tape, which features a young Eminem rhyming over a beatbox and primitive drum machine, was recorded around 1993 according to a press release issued by the magazine.On the tape Eminem says: All the girls I like to bone have big butts/ No they don't, 'cause I don't like that n*gger sh*t/ I'm just here to make a bigger hit/Later on Eminem raps about a girlfriend he broke up with: I’lll get straight to the point/Black girls are b*tches, that’s why I’ma tell ya you better pull up your britches/Cause all that cash is making your ass drag from the boyfriend ya ganked and that’s pretty bad/I mean that’s pretty sad when ya dating a Black guy/And then you turn around a f*ck another big, Black guy now that’s pretty wrong, but you’re just ganking/But that’s okay because you need a godd*mn spanking/From me, the funky Eminem"Don't make this right now a double standard," Benzino said. "We gotta treat this the same way you treat Mike Tyson, like you treat Kobe Bryant, like you treat R. Kelly, like you treat O.J. Simpson."Eminem has accused The Source founder Dave Mays and his partner, Raymond “Benzino” Scott of pursuing a vendetta against him and the artists on his Shady Records, which include 50 Cent and G-Unit.“Ray Benzino, Dave Mays and The Source have had a vendetta against me, Shady Records and our artists for a long time," Eminem said in a statement. "The tape they played today was something I made out of anger, stupidity and frustration when I was a teenager. I'd just broken up with my girlfriend, who was African-American, and I reacted like the angry, stupid kid I was. I hope people will take it for the foolishness that it was, not for what somebody is trying to make it into today."Mays and Scott promised to continue pursue the issue, saying a CD of the recordings would be contained in their February issue.