Eminem Sentenced


was sentenced to two years probation Tuesday (April 10, 2001)

for carrying a concealed weapon outside of a Detroit area

nightclub last summer. Eminem pleaded guilty in February after

prosecutors dropped a felony assault charge filed after he

allegedly pistol-whipping a man he saw kissing his wife, Kimberly


Emiem faced up

to five years in prison on the gun charge, but prosecutors

recommended a sentence of only 120 to 180 days since he had

no prior convictions.

``I consider probation

to be punishment. I don't think it's a lark, and I don't think

it's a slap on the wrist,'' the judge said. Eminem

told reporters after his sentencing he thought he was treated

fairly, and said he was looking forward to putting the case

behind him.

``I'm just glad

to get this over with, to get this behind me and spend time

with my little girl and making music,'' he said.

Eminem must subject

to regular counseling and drug tests to ensure he is not guilty

of alcohol abuse or the use of any controlled substance without

a prescription.