Eminem Settles Lawsuit With Apple

Eminem and Apple have

settled a copyright infringement lawsuit, after the rapper accused the computer

giant of using one of his songs without permission.

Eminem’s Eight Mile Style filed the lawsuit in U.S. District

Court in Detroit against Apple last year, claiming that the company used his

chart topping song “Lose Yourself” in a commercial for Apple’s

popular Ipod digital music player illegally.

According to the original lawsuit, Apple CEO Steve Jobs called

Eight Mile Style's manager Joel Martin to request permission to use the song,

but was the request was turned down.

“Eminem has never nationally endorsed any commercial products,"

the lawsuit read. "Any endorsement deal would require a significant amount

of money, possibly in excess of $10 million dollars."

According to lawyers for Em’s Eight Mile Style, all parties

involved in the lawsuit were able to reach an amicable agreement.

The advertisement

featured a 10-year-old singing Em’s lyrics. The commercials appeared on

Apple’s website and ran on MTV for a brief period as well.