Eminem Starts 'Shady' Clothing Line

By next fall, kids returning to school should be able to drape themselves in Eminem’s new clothing line, Shady Gear, a play off the rapper’s controversial alter ego.

The deal was made with Nesi Apparel, the same company that makes the Bugle Boy jeans and clothing. Nesi also manufactures the widely popular “School of Hard Knocks” line of clothing that started out as a t-shirt company in Queens. The SOHK line now rakes in millions per year. In addition, the company will produce Roc-A-Wear’s upcoming line for ladies.

The “Shady” line will boast a “Shady” logo, but the rapper’s publicity didn’t reveal design at press time.

Both companies expect the attire to sell well considering the Eminem’s raging popularity within mainstream America, an appeal that has even begun to appeal to parents that hated Slim Shady’s misogynist and homophobic tendencies.

The company intends to start mass marketing prior to the 2003 school year.

To date, between his solo set, The Eminem Show, his movie "8 Mile" and adjoining soundtrack, the star has pulled in more than $300 million at the box office.