Eminem Still Fights Bootlegging

Eminem and Interscope Records are fighting vehemently to prevent online downloads of the rapper’s highly anticipated album, "The Eminem Show." Because of massive internet piracy, the album has suddenly been pushed forward to drop on May 28th instead of June 4th, according a spokesperson for Interscope Records.

Still, the label is not submitting to the piracy. Even after downloading album tracks, users may get a message that says:

“This file contains protected multimedia content. You need to have permission to play this file. Please consult the system administrator or multimedia content provider to get permission to play this file and enter your password correctly when prompted.”

Allhiphop.com previously reported that the album was going to have a revolutionary anti-piracy technology, however it is unclear whether they will use it still. Eminem and the label leaked instrumentals of album tracks to confuse those attempting to download the album. Even though, they have curbed attempts to garner early listens to “The Eminem Show,” they have also been largely unsuccessful.

The net has already been flooded with reviews and communities surrounding of the album.