Eminem Strikes Back At Benzino

Today on Angie Martinez' Hot 97 "Take Over

Show," 50 Cent and his G Unit companions took over the airwaves for an

absentee Martinez, who is on the road as a judge for the "American Idol"

television series.

During the show, 50 Cent spoke of his new album

with Eminem's Shady Records and future solo project from G Unit members Lloyd

Banks and Tony Yayo. To the surprise of

fans, Slim Shady himself phoned in and discussed his new movie and a brand new

beef with The Source co-owner, Ray Benzino.

"I wanna request that new Benzino record,"

Eminem said. "It's hot. See if you can find that one and play it for me.

You may hafta dig in the trash, it may be in the bottom of the trash can."

50 obliged Em's request and played the diss,

where Benzino raps "The only M&M I know is Made Men /and by the way,

he aint never gonna play me, never/I'll show this b*tch really what it is to

be Shady/I don't care how much records you sold/You can't walk through the hood

without the men in black/Disrespect your moms b*tch you deserve a smack/It's

not a black or white thing, that sh*ts in the past/I got some white boys in

Boston that'll bust yo ass!"

While Eminem has not officially responded on

record, he had some choice words about Benzino. "It's like when you buy

a product from the store...a blender...you get it home and try to use it, but

it doesn't work," Eminem said referring to Benzino's latest album, Redemption.

"People are gonna buy his album and see that it doesn't work."

During Em's tongue lashing, 50 and The G Unit

were humming the tune to Benzino's "Boottee." Em then referred to

his latest rival as "Hasbenzino," and said "I don't know about

that, I don't know if he was ever even on."