Eminem Strikes Gold, Partners With New Tech Firm

This is definitely Eminem’s year. The rapper

turned actor debuts in "8 Miles" this week. The reviews have not only

been in his favor, but the soundtrack accompanying the film has already sold over

500,000 copies and has hit the top of the charts.

The Los Angeles premiere was held last night

with celebrities such as Kim Basinger, Alicia Silverstone, Pam Anderson and

fiancé Kid Rock and Macy strutting their stuff on the red carpet. Even

Christina Aguilera, with whom he’s had major beef with, attended the premiere

in support of his new endeavor. The feature opens wide on Friday, November 8.

Eminem has also partnered with JulianKeys, an

application created by Equate Systems that allows website visitors to access

the content of a website through the keyboard’s function keys [F1-F12]

or a desktop toolbar. Upon downloading the program (located at http://eminem.com/eminemkeys/download),

you’ll get instant access to Eminem content by simply punching your Function

Keys (F1-F12).

Eminem has proven himself to be a successful

hip-hop artist, movie star and businessman in accordance with the times. Quite

surely we can continue to expect more from him in the future.