Eminem Sued By Michigan Couple

A Michigan husband and wife have slapped Eminem with his second lawsuit in two weeks.

On Thursday, Breck and Tina Wyngarden have filed suit against the rapper, a bus driver, and Entertainment Coaches of America over a collision that involved the rapper’s Anger Management tour bus.

On July 13, Eminem’s Anger Management tour bus was headed to Denver from Chicago.

According to published reports, the tour bus was traveling when the bus driver swerved to avoid a pair of trucks, but ended up striking another vehicle. That vehicle was The Wyngardens tractor-trailer, the couple’s lawyer told CBS Arts.

The pair is seeking unspecified damages from the 32-year-old rapper.

Eminem was not on the tour, but Shady Records’ artists like producer The Alchemist and rapper Stat Quo were. The Alchemist was treated for broken ribs and a collapsed lung, while Stat Quo suffered broken ribs. About 11 other people were injured as well. Tina Wyngarden was reportedly hospitalized, but her injuries weren’t detailed at press time.

Last week, Eminem was sued by a pair of relatives that said he reneged on a deal to give him a home if they relocated closer to his Detroit home. Eminem was recently admitted to the hospital for exhaustion and a dependency on sleeping medication.