Eminem Sues Apple - Again

Eminem continues his legal battles with Apple as the rapper's publishing company has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Apple, accusing the computer giant of violating his copyrights by allowing unauthorized downloads of song onto iPods.

According to the Detroit News, Eminem's publishing company Eight Mile Style and Martin Affiliated filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Detroit, claiming that while Apple pays Universal a portion of the revenue it collects from Eminem downloads, Apple never received permission from Eminem's publishing companies to sell his music as digital downloads.

The issue could cause a showdown between music publishers and record labels, as the labels want the rights to sell a recording artist's CD's and digital download, while publishers argue that further permission is needed from the music publishers who actually own the copyrights to the lyrics and underlying music.

Eminem wants all of his music pulled from Apple's iTunes store, but Apple has failed to comply.

"Eight Mile and Martin have demanded that Apple cease and desist its reproduction and distribution and Apple has refused," the complaint reads.

Eminem and his publishing company Eight Mile Style sued Apple for $10 million in 2004, claiming that the company used his song "Lose Yourself" for a nationally televised commercial for Apple's iTunes service in 2003.