Eminem To Give Special Performance In Detroit

Eminem will treat the city of Detroit to a special performance

on Wednesday (June 29) at the ‘Rockin the Rooftop,’ a large fundraising

event that is known for its display of fireworks.

Eminem was specifically sought out by Detroit’s ‘Hip-Hop Mayor,’

Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick to perform at the event, which is part of the International

Freedom Festival.

"The fireworks are a big part of summertime in Detroit, and I want to support

them and the Mayor," Eminem said. "I've come downtown to watch them

since I was a kid, and I'll get involved in something that helps the city any

way I can."

The concert is one of the largest fundraising events for the city and will take

place on the roof of a downtown Detroit parking garage.

Eminem agreed to perform one song and organizers hope to sell over 2,000 tickets

at $175 per person.