Eminem To Perform With Elton John


may not be as homophobic

as the critics make him out to be. It was recently announced that

Eminem will perform a duet with Elton John, the openly bisexual

singer, at the Grammy awards. The duo will perform Eminem's song,

"Stan", which is about a deranged fan.

In a statement, the

NARAS said: "The addition of Elton John - always the musical adventurer

himself - joining Eminem onstage will no doubt generate further

debate and comment. But we view this moment not only as musically

significant, but also as an opportunity to help tear down some

of the unfortunate walls of division that Eminem's lyrics have


Eminem has been targeted by Gay

and Lesbian groups around the country, most notably GLAAD.

"We are disappointed that Sir Elton

John will be performing with Eminem at the Grammy Awards. John

has played an enormous role in educating the world about AIDS

and gay issues through his music and charitable work. GLAAD is

appalled that John would share a stage with Eminem, whose words

and actions promote hate and violence against gays and lesbians"

GLADD said in a statement.