Eminem, Universal Step Up Security For 'Encore'

According to published

reports, in order to avoid his material being pirated, Eminem will finish his

new album Encore shortly before it is scheduled to go on sale.


at Universal said he was using the tactic to prevent bootleggers and internet

piracy from cutting into his record sales.

Sources at Universal

said the security for releasing the album has been taken to the highest levels,

in an attempt to prevent the album from leaking.

Universal pushed

up the release of The Eminem Show in 2002, as it was being heavily

traded on the internet and sold on the streets illegally.

The label also

limited the availability of Eminem's single, "Without Me," to ensure

it did not "fall into the wrong hands."

Additionally, the

label leaked instrumentals of The Eminem Show in an attempt to confuse those

attempting to download the album illegally.

To ensure the album

wasn't pirated after its release, Universal embedded “uncrackable”

copyright protection technology. Less than a month after the album dropped,

pirated copies were on sale across Eastern Europe.