Eminem Upsells Fans With Exclusive 'Relapse' Content

AllHipHop Staff

Eminem announced that he will give away two free songs to every fan that purchases a CD copy of his upcoming album Relapse.

“I'm giving away an extra free song with my album if you buy the Relapse CD. I'm still on the run, my darling,” the rapper posted on his Twitter page.

Also included was a link to his online store, which revealed a number of packages consumers who pre-order can select from.

Going beyond selling consumers a traditional CD, Eminem is upselling fans with a menu of items to choose from in addition to purchasing the CD.

For instance, fans can purchase the “Limited Deluxe” package for $129.99, which includes an 24x24 print hand signed by Eminem, a collectable Relapse pill bottle, the CD with full-color album artwork and a download of the “3AM” video.

Eminem is selling limited edition vinyl of the album for $23.99, while the CD is going for $19.99.

Consumers who buy either of these packages will receive a link on May 19 to download the two exclusive songs, as well as the “We Made You” video.

The physical items (CD’s, T-shirts, posters) ship within three weeks of ordering, despite the fact that the rapper’s Relapse CD is due to physically land in stores May 19.