Eminem Vs. Lynne Cheney: Round 2

The feud between Eminem

and Vice President Dick Cheney's wife continues on Eminem's third album, The

Eminem Show. Eminem was singled out by Lynne Cheney before congressional

hearings in 2000, about violence in the entertainment industry. She has also

bad mouthed Eminem in numerous magazine interviews.

On the track "White America," Eminem boldy says to Mrs. Cheney "f*ck you," and refers to the United States Of America

as the "Divided States Of Embarrassment." Lynne Cheney's spokesperson

condemned Eminem's statements and his glorification of violence against women

and homosexuals.

"Eminem is reacting to testimony before

Congress in September 2000 in which his lyrics were condemned and his right

to free speech questioned," a spokesperson for Interscope said.