Eminem Withdraws Source Suit

Eminem and The Source magazine may have come to the end of their legal crusade against each other.

Earlier in the week, the Detroit rapper withdrew a copyright infringement suit from a Manhattan Federal Court, but a judge wouldn’t formally rule on the case until Monday.

If the suit is withdrawn, the magazine would be free to publish lyrics from demo session where the rapper made disparaging and racially charged comments about African Americans.

The withdrawal, both sides are claming victory, according to eurweb.com.

Eminem’s lawyer Donald David said, "There is nothing left to win. The judge already decided we have the copyright, and he awarded us $131,000 in sanctions. So the case has no purpose anymore."

However, Dave Mays, the co-owner of The Source, offered a countering point.

"They want this withdrawal so they can avoid the public embarrassment of having Eminem on trial in New York,” Mays said. “We have been vindicated whichever way it goes."

The Source previously issued clips of the rapper’s racially charged inside of an issue that harshly criticized the rapper.

Ray Benzino, the other co-owner of The Source, said that he attempted to resolve his issues with Eminem, but the talks never had a chance to happen. “Late last year, I called for a sit-down with Eminem and his camp in an attempt to resolve our ongoing beef, but my calls were rejected,” said Benzino in a statement. “In fact, Eminem responded by rolling up on my partner with 15 guys at a radio station in Detroit to try to intimidate him as well as radio station personnel.”