End Of An Era: Future Quits Drinking Lean

Congrats to Future, who has kicked a bad drug habit.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Future is coming clean about his newfound sobriety, confessing he didn't want to go public with the news because he was afraid of how fans would react.

In a candid new interview, Future revealed he recently quit drinking "lean," a strong mixture of prescription cough medicine and soda popularized in hip-hop culture.

According to Future, he chose to keep the news a secret after rapping about the substance for so long.

"I didn't want to tell nobody I stopped drinking lean, because I felt like then they was going to be like, 'Oh, his music changed 'cause he ain't drinking lean no more.' Or, 'I can hear it when he changed,'" Future admitted in a candid video chat with Genius' Rob Markman.

Some who were aware of Future turning his back on the drugged-up drink questioned why the MC wouldn't just be upfront about the issue with fans, but he insists it's hard for people to accept such a big change in his lifestyle, especially as his addiction to lean was a central theme in many of his songs, like "Codeine Crazy" and "Dirty Sprite."

"People are like, 'Damn, why you won't even say it (talk about his sobriety)?' But it just be hard when your fans so used to you a certain kinda way... You be afraid to change," he shared.