EP DOWNLOAD: Young Gliss [BGA] & De'Ko - "The Dream Sequence EP"

Breeding Ground artist Young Gliss from Philadelphia debuts The Dream Sequence, a new collaboration EP with De'Ko and producer Geez Seven released on indie-label Raw Life, with executive production by Geez Seven and Les Professionnels.

Recorded in one day, Young Gliss and De'Ko's say their The Dream Sequence "tells the story of a dreamer drifting through the various stages of sleep. The dreamer wakes in a daze upon realizing his inner aspirations and gaining an understanding of the energy it will take to achieve them. Amid the afterglow of the dream world, our hero is somehow changed, left with the feeling that he has the strength to fulfill his destiny."

The latest offshoot collabo from The Roots dynasty is one to watch. Listen to the stream here:

Download The Dream Sequence or purchase on iTunes.


Follow Young Gliss (@YoungGliss), De'Ko (@DeKoKou), and Geez Seven (@GeezSeven) on Twitter. Visit Raw Life to hear more.