EPMD Reunites For Rare Performance This Fall


rap gruop EMPD will reunite for their first performance in New York City in eight

years this fall. The

group, comprised of Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith, will hit the stage Oct. 14

at BB King Blues Club in Times Square. The event will coincide with activities

surrounding VH1's annual Hip-Hop Honors awards show.As

one of the most respected hip-hop groups, EPMD has garnered fans by releasing

such critically acclaimed albums like Strictly Business, Unfinished

Business,Business As Usual and Business Never Personal.The

group is expected to perform such classics as "It's My Thing," "You

Gots To Chill," "So Wat Cha Sayin'," "The Big Payback,"

"Golddigger," "Rampage," "Crossover" and others.

In related

news, Sermon is a featured artist on "Don't Hold Back," the latest single

from UK R&B singer Camilla.The

track was produced by UK producers Dial Tone and Silver and is taken from Camilla's

upcoming debut album Rise of the Phoenix, which is due in stores later

this year.