Erick And Parrish Team With dj honda

EPMD's Parish "PMD"

Smith & dj honda have linked up to release an LP titled, Underground

Connection. The duo recorded the LP in Japanese, Korean and English and

it hits U.S. stores in early 2003.

"Having previously

worked with Erick on my first self-titled US album, h, dj honda PMD &

myself got together a couple of years ago to work on a track together for my

album," honda explained to "The chemistry was good

between PMD & myself so we decided to release an album together."

EPMD are currently

in Korea with honda to perform at the World Hip-Hop Clan Festival this weekend.

"Working with one of the most influential hip-hop pioneers from the U.S.

exemplifies the global impact of the hip-hop movement," honda continued.

The festival also

features top Korean hip-hop artists CB Mass, Epik High and Tasha. DJ J-Smoke

and B-Boying crews Korea Dream Team and the USA Dream Team will also make appearances.