Erick Sermon Launches Kickstarter For New Album "Go"


Hip-Hop legend Erick Sermon is back. And all systems are "Go."

(AllHipHop News) From the desk of the Green Eyed Bandit:

“I want to bring the balance back to Rap music and make songs that are not just about sex, drugs and money, and to give real music a chance,” said Sermon to Rolling Stone. “I want people to look at other creativity other than the same-old same-old and ask
when are we gonna take the left turn and realize what J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar had done to make a balance in this rap game. The reason I’m starting this label is because I’m tired of hearing the depiction of what black people look like in the conversation. I want to make a balance in the culture, so it won’t be one-sided.”

Repping that other side, the legendary producer is working on a new album named GO featuring Big K.R.I.T., Pharrell Williams, Method Man, Def Squad's Keith Murray & Redman and more, launching on his new indie label, Def Squad Records.

The album includes the new single, “Come Thru” featuring Method Man, Mr. Cheeks and Craig Mack.

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