Erykah Badu Finds Stalker In Dallas Home

A nut job who will not leave Erykah Badu alone popped up at her house.

(AllHipHop News) A man was detained by police on Monday night for allegedly trespassing on singer Erykah Badu's property.

The "Tyrone" hitmaker reportedly found the man in her home in Dallas, Texas on Monday night, according to local TV station WFAA.

She is said to have called the man "a stalker" and claimed he had flown from Detroit, Michigan.

The man allegedly left the home and was later issued a criminal trespass warning.

The incident comes just a day after Erykah had a bizarre encounter with police officers on New Year's Eve.

She filmed the incident for an Instagram video, in which Erykah, while seated in her car, tells the camera, "OK, it's New Year's Eve. I just got pulled over" before asking the two cops, "And why are you pulling me over?"

She pans the camera to her open car window and one of the officers bends down and says "Because I wanted to say hi!" before laughing.

Erykah brings the camera back to her and looks confused but slightly amused as she says "Hi" and the cop replies, "This is happening".

"WTF (what the f##K) Babylon," she wrote alongside the video. "Happy New Yearerzzzz!"

The encounter divided opinion in the comments section, with some users thinking it was endearing and others branding it unprofessional or some form of harassment.

Erykah later took to Instagram to film a video with the two cops in the background, to insist to her fans that he was all good fun.

"Peace and love. These behind are me (are) Donterio and Clay. You know I love them very much," she said in the video. "They always patrol and help us a lot. We just having fun, New Year's Eve. I wasn't harassed or anything. I mean it could have been worse... Happy New Year 2018."

"When The good ones show up....This gone get y'all off the hook, or fired for damn sure. (Don't fire my friends DPD! Well, y'all can fire the white one) ..just playin Clay. Happy new year Donterio and Clay!" she wrote in the caption.