ESPN's Block Party Returns With Funk Flex, Bobbito, Others

ESPN2's chunk of sports

and entertainment programming aptly titled Block Party is making a comeback Tuesday

nights this summer, with hip-hop and sports stars at center stage.

In addition to new episodes

of the returning show, Streetball: The AND 1 Mix Tape Tour, three new series

are slated to air: a televised form of the radio show 2 Live Stews, All Muscle

with Funkmaster Flex, and It's the Shoe.

The half-hour Streetball

series is first on the line-up and airs for 12 weeks. The AND 1 crew visits

30 cities in an attempt to uncover rising local talent.

Tour newcomers Spyda, Baby

Shack, and Pharmacist join veterans like Half Man, Main Event, and Professor

to compete with players contending for an AND 1 spot and endorsement deal.

Airing at 1:30 a.m., 2 Live

Stews features Atlanta radio hosts Doug and Ryan Stewart examining controversial

issues and events in sports.

Hot 97 DJ and car fanatic

Funkmaster Flex brings his 2 a.m. show, All Muscle, where he interviews sports

figures and spotlights their whips. The show features sports stars like Terrell

Owens, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Mike Bibby among others.

It's the Shoes, hosted by

Bobbito Garcia, a VIBE contributing writer and author of Where'd You Get Those?,

completes the nightly programming.

The half-hour series delves

into the intriguing world of sneakers and includes celebrity and athlete profiles

while highlighting the latest kicks and personal collections of stars like Nelly,

Missy Elliott, Carmelo Anthony, and Allen Iverson.

Running from June

21 through August 9, with Streetball continuing until September 6, Block Party

begins airing at 1 a.m. ET during the first week of programming, then moves

to its regular midnight slot.