EST Signs With Def Jam?


and Eve might meet old Philly friend at the top of the charts

if EST is telling the truth. According to EST, he recently

signed to Def Jam Records and is working on an album.

It may be a

long time coming as he has struggled to return to the spotlight.

Along with the likes of Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff,

DJ Cash Money & Marv and Steady B, EST and his group,

3XDope, pioneered hip hop in the late 80s. 3XDope's first

album was Original Stylin,' often regarded as a classic.

Their second album, Live From Ackinikulous Land,

yielded the hit"Weak In the Knees."


straying from their hardcore roots hurt the group and they

fell into relative obscurity, dropping a single and an independent

album titled Da Sequel.

With the revelation

that he has signed with Def Jam, EST stands to make a remarkable

comeback and return to his former glory. No release date

has been set and Def Jam was unavailable to comment at press