Eve Forms Production Company; Preps New Movie

AllHipHop Staff

Philadelphia rapper Eve is planning a move behind the scenes in Hollywood with the formation of a new movie production company she hopes will be fruitful in later years.

"I still read scripts regularly and I actually have a movie production company that I'm developing with two of my girlfriends right now," Eve told AllHipHop.com. "I love movies and acting so when I'm ready for kids and marriage later on, I want it to be my stability and my life."

Eve, who will release her new album Here I Am next month, will further her acting career with a role as "Denise" in the upcoming independent drama, Ego.

The movie, which was by directed by Antonio Macia, centers around a police officer who harasses a paroled ex-con who killed his father.

The cop humiliates the ex-con until his tragic death, leaving the police officer to cope with the consequences of his vengeful actions.

Eve, born Eve Jeffers, has enjoyed a successful acting career, starring in movies like Barbershop, Barbershop 2, The Woodsman and others.

She also starred in the UPN series Eve, which aired from 2003-2006 and also featured Natalie Desselle, Jason Winston George, Sean Maguire and others.

"I miss the cast because we really became close friends and like a real family," Eve said of her stint on the series. "The work wasn't bad, but going to the same place everyday, I don't miss that. I didn't really enjoy going to the same place, doing the same hours every single day, I like to be more free."

The experience of the daily rigors of the acting world have paid off for Eve, as the series is syndicated and the exposure has led to more roles for the 29-year-old rapper/actress.

"I get some stereotypical stuff, but a lot of the stuff I get isn't and there's a lot of dramatic roles and stuff that I'm actually shocked that people send me. I've been pretty lucky in not getting the stereotypical ghetto girl or stereotypical 'oh she wants to be a rapper' role."

Eve's new album Here I Am hits stores on October 16.