Eve On Nude Pics: ‘Its Not Me’

Eve has broken her silence about an alleged nude picture of her and another female in a compromising sexual position. The rap mistress says its not her and plans legal litigation against web sites that post the photo.

A spokesperson for the entertainer said, "It's not a picture of her. She is upset that there's a false photo of her going around. The woman in the picture does not have Eve's two paw-print tattoos. She's had those forever."

Prior to the picture being distributed through the web, Eve alluded that the picture might be her because of her admitted past as a nude stripper. "I used to strip, so it could be me or it could not be me," she told the New York Daily News in December of 2002.

After defecting from her home in Philadelphia, Eve stripped at the Golden Lady Strip Club in the Bronx. Her month-long tenor garnered her about $400 per night. Soon, she realized that it wasn’t for her. “It was so depressing. I knew I didn't have to be there. I had a house that I could always go to. I had my mother. I didn't have no kids," she stated in a biographic statement.