Eve Relaunching Fetish Clothing Line

Eve will unleash and expand her Fetish clothing

when the the Fall 2005 line debuts.

Having teamed with Marc Ecko to re-launch the

Fetish brand, Eve will introduce a new line of women's sportswear, headwear,

footwear and luggage.

"It's an ideal match working with Marc and

his organization on the re-launch of Fetish," Eve said. "I've always

appreciated Marc's design sense and he seems to have a sophisticated understanding

of me as a person and as a brand. I expect the new Fetish will offer consumers

the same high caliber as the other products I've brought to market."

Eve had originally partnered with Innovo Group

in 2003 to design her line, but ended the union, stating that the clothing that

was being produced did not reflect her personal style.

"She's got an amazing fashion approach and

vision, which will be reflected in the new Fetish line," Marc Ecko said.

Despite Eve's dissatisfaction with her last partner,

Fetish Clothing raked in over $50 million dollars in clothing and accessory

sales last year, according to Anthony Ottino, President of Fetish Clothing.