Eve Sentenced To Wear Alcohol Monitoring Ankle Bracelet

Rapper/actress Eve has pleaded no contest to DUI charges, stemming from an April accident on Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood CA.

According to TMZ.com, Eve's lawyer Blair Berk pleaded no contest to the charges on behalf of Eve in Los Angeles County Superior Court today (June 28).

Eve, born Eve Jeffers, had a .08 blood alcohol level when she crashed her gold Maserati, following a night of partying.

The actress/rapper, who is gearing up to release her latest album Here I Am, has been ordered to wear a SCRAM alcohol monitoring device around her ankle for 45 days.

She must enroll in an alcohol education program, serve 36 months of informal probation and pay pay $1400 in fines and penalties.

Eve originally pleaded not guilty to the charges.