Ever Dance with the Devil?

Irregardless of how much I happen to dislike many of these pop rappers, you’d be hard pressed to find me in the club these days. It’s hard enough to tell the difference between women with bangin’ bodies and men with bang-up operations in broad daylight let alone ‘in the pale moonlight’ of nightclubs. For those old enough to remember the first Batman (circa 1989), the eerie question posed by The Joker as his ‘prelude to a vic’ is one that we ought to ask ourselves: Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

So many of the things that we live for in our social lives are silently killing us. Whether shallow souls looking for thrills and ploys or empty vessels looking to fill a void, we often expose and desensitize ourselves to the worst weaknesses and vices the world has to offer for the sake of feeling alive and in the moment. But what if such moments lived for were our last? As the music slows, do you truly know with whom you’ve saved the last dance?


In the moonlight’s pale and cold darkness,

Society’s lunacy fights to prevail over crosses.

With nails woven in coffins –

we dance daily with the devil.

Instead of picking up our

worldly pardons in sacrifices,

We pick out worldly partners

to enhance our flightiness…

As the world turns into a

hellish hand basket of frailty embezzled.

Dirty dancing around topics of decency

Emerges stances of drowned logic easily.

Profound and immodest indecency

manifests what should be fright.

But instead, we prance around bonfires

Enchanted and enthralled by raunchy desires…

As phosphorous admirers

sadly beget reckless boogie nights.

Somewhere between Usher and Michael dancin’,

We’ve plundered the Bible’s enhancement.

We’ve ushered in less surviving chances

with blaring disparity.

But instead of fixing abhorrent problems,

We’re transfixed with

depicting Gomorrah and Sodom…

Preferring transient fortunes like the bin Ladens –

deeply invested in American charities.

Too busy catchin’ last glances, our pillars of society

Have crumbled into killers of sobriety.

What’s left when sweat dries

from a Dead Sea of dancing fools?

Better yet, what was left of Lot’s wifely gaze

When she let her hawk eyes sway?...

Our walk’s been swapped with her life’s shame –

as pillars of salt hold up the walls of our lancing wounds.

Instead of contemplatin’ the last chance

for happenstance lap dances,

We ought to concentrate on being saved –

the last dance is His.

Too busy tapdancin’ on PC advancements,

we’ve pardoned falterin’ lives from Christ’s shroud.

As unsweetened folks become fixated with

the Merengue songs and deeds

Of unequalled yolks mixed in with

the meringue of gay thoughts and themes…

Gay trends inundate men like tsunamis

as we partner with alternate lifestyles.

Too busy Harlem Shakin’ and Electric Slidin’,

We’ve let problems skate in with elected silence.

We’ve let too many desperate housewives in –

how low can we go in Limbo?

Too busy vibin’ off good times spent

And socializin’ in crooked climates…

Our footing just slides and slips as

we dip libidos in dosido lingo.

Too busy Twistin’ in Sister Mahogany’s androgyny

And respecting the philosophy

of the Runnin’ Man’s misogyny,

We’ve all but accepted misogamy’s mythology –

it makes The Lambada sexier.

Even those who angrily watch this madness

Are intrigued by the plot twists

that rock this world off its axis…

It’s like tragic traffic accidents –

there’s guilty pleasure in watching

drama from the best seats to observe.

As we sit back and watch this shift and pivot,

We ought to opt to hawk

these sickenin’ opera tickets –

This play that’s being drawn out is apocalyptic –

this world’s a sinner’s haven.

If you saw fire burning

in the field you were raised,

Would you keep Cabbage Patchin’

while its yields were razed?!!…

Is the appeal of The Snake worth the sealed fate

that awaits the center stage of pagans?!!


‘The joy of our hearts has ceased; our dance has turned into mourning. The crown has fallen from our head. Woe to us, for we have sinned! Because of this our heart is faint; because of these things our eyes grow dim…’

– Lamentations 5:15-17 NKJV

© 2006 Reggie Legend

Steel Waters, Inc.