Everlast Show Turns Into Chaos


feud with Eminem has

taken a more serious turn. Reports are coming in from our representatives

in Detroit, stating that when Everlast took to the stage at

St. Andrews Hall tonight (Friday Feb.2, 2001). He was allegedly

speaking Ill of Eminem, calling him amongst other things, a

"fucking midget" took shots at D-12, Eminems latest

group, saying "D-12 is only 6 people" and calling

them "fucking morons."

After these comments

the band stopped playing, because someone was trying to get

on the stage. Everlast's people grabbed him and took him off

the stage, to avoid chairs and flying beer bottles. At this

point, three of the audience members, who were allegedly members

of the group D-12, jumped on stage and incited the audience,

asking why they were letting an out of towner diss their hometown

hero. The men then proceeded to throw mics stands and other

equipment into the audience.

Most of the audience

was disappointed, paying $25 per head to see the show. One female

who brought her 16 year old daughter to the show told us afterwards:

"I very disappointed. It was an awesome concert until all

that started. I don't blame Everlast, it was those idiots that

busted in."

An ambulance was

waiting outside to tend to the wounded. Three security guards

for Saint Andrews Hall were also injured in the brawl, one whom

was hit on the head with a Mic stand. We will keep you updated

as this story unfolds.