Everyday is Mother's Day

Today (May

13) is officially Mother's Day. You can look it up in the calendar. We

get so accustomed to Mother's Day being a designated occasion, that on that particular

day is when some of us pull out all the stops to show mom how much we

love and care for her. But,

we should never wait until a Sunday in May to really show love, or to wish

our moms a happy Mother's Day because EVERYDAY is Mother's Day. SOME

of us might take our moms for granted because we figure that mom is here and will

always be here, so we just wait to that good old Sunday in May to show tribute.


line is that most of our mother's are the centerpiece of our families......they

are the ones (especially our African American mothers) that will take on the role

of both parents just to raise and care for us. Most

mom's are there for us whether or not daddy is there or not. I

remember Shaquille O Neal saying last year that everyday is Mother's Day and he was so right. Our mothers never wait for any special occasions to show

us love and care during our formative years and beyond. We

should always give that daily unconditional love in return to mom. Even if she

is up in heaven with the man upstairs, we must cherish her memory and still we

must speak to her and tell her that we love her. Why? Whether she is here on earth with us or not, momma hears all. Mothers are not

corny and they never go out of style. Why must we wait till Mother's Day to hear

all the Mother's Day tribute music on the airwaves? If

we can walk it out or tell the world "this is why I'm hot," 24/7 then

we should hear songs about mother more often then just on Mothers day. SOME

of us think we are too cool to proclaim that love directly to mom most of the

time, but we should celebrate her everyday. I

am sure that all of us do show that appreciation and love to mom more than just

on mother's day but its good to talk about it or remind certain folk that we must

never take for granted our moms. We

gotta always REMEMBER mom and show her that respect in front of her face

and behind her back. Life

is too short to do anything else. Most mom's are one man bands who conduct the

orchestra of their children's lives everyday all day and we must reciprocate as

much as we can. We

(Full Force) recently released a greatest hits CD on SONY records called Legendary

and it features 4 brand new songs (myspace.com/fullforce)Two

of those joints are dedicated to mom. Also we have a 4-song EP called Everyday

is Mother's Day" available on itunes right now. In

1988 the six men of Full Force produced an ode to all single mothers entitled

"Thanks For My Child" performed by Cheryl Pepsii Riley. I

actually wrote those lyrics because as a man, I was sensitive to the personal

scenario's of the single mom who breaks her back for her children and her family

everyday all day. When

that song went number 1 on the Billboard Charts......it gave me & Full

Force so much gratification that it affected most people the way it did. (That

song is on our myspace.com/fullforce

site too as well as on itunes) Most Mother's are the leaders,the genesis and the

backbone of most families with or without dad around. We

toast our responsible Fathers too. So with all that said.....may all of you stay

blessed & may all the positive and optimistic things in life forever be yours.



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