Ex-Tour Manager Demetrius Smith Claims R. Kelly Tried To Have Sex With Him

He also discusses Aaliyah's relationship with the accused pedophile.

(AllHipHop News) There will be a lot of attention on Robert Kelly this week, thanks to a new Lifetime docuseries covering the decades worth of sexual misconduct allegations against the singer. The first chapter of Surviving R. Kelly aired last night.

Several people once associated with the self-described "Pied Piper of R&B" told their stories about abuse and inappropriate behavior. In addition, Demetrius Smith, Kelly's former tour manager, spoke to the Domenick Nati Show about his time with the star in the early 1990s.

"He got some freaky ways, I believe. He showed his ass to me, and I turned it down. I thought he was playing," said the Man Behind The Man: Looking from the Inside Out author. "But as you look and see sh*t now, he wasn't playing."

Smith added, "I went out and met two girls, brought them up, kicked it with them... After the girls left, Rob came in my room butt naked. I was like, 'What are you doing?' He walked over to the mirror, leaned over, and said, 'You want some of this? You know you want it.' I took it as a joke. I said, 'You little freak. I'm gonna get that.' I walked up behind him. He didn't move. I said, 'Get your ass out of here.' Left it at that. Nothing ever came of that."

He also spoke about Kelly's relationship with the late Aaliyah Haughton. Smith stated that he never saw the two entertainers engaged in a sexual act, despite the fact there is a 1994 marriage license showing 27-year-old Kelly and 15-year-old Haughton were wed at one point.

According to Smith, Aaliyah's mother was with them most of the time. That was a point Diane Haughton made in a statement pushing back against a former backup performer claiming she saw Kelly and Aaliyah having sex.

"The woman and so-called back up singer in the forthcoming 'Surviving...' documentary that described seeing, meeting, or ever breathing the same air as my daughter, Aaliyah, is lying and is a liar," wrote Diane. "My husband and I were always on tour with her and at interviews and every place she went throughout her entire career."

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