Exchange: Bryson Tiller Drops New ‘TrapSoul’ Merchandise

Today on Instagram Bryson Tiller revealed that he has new TrapSoul merchandise now available for sale.

(AllHipHop News) The Louisville, Kentucky R&B singer who turned down a Drake OVO deal flashed the TrapSoul chain on the social media site while he flew thousands of feet in the air on a plane.

While both the t-shirt and hat remain sold out, Tiller added a new 18K gold plated chain and pendant to the TrapSoul store for fans to accessorize.

The 24″ inch handmade chain features Tiller’s “TrapSoul” logo from his critically acclaimed debut effort TrapSoul featuring the hit songs “Don’t” and “Exchange.”

The TrapSoul chain retails at $55 excluding taxes and shipping fees via

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