EXCLUSIVE: '93 Till Infinity Almost Didn't Happen (+ VIDEO)

EXCLUSIVE: '93 Till Infinity Almost Didn't Happen (+ VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) An argument can be made that "'93 Till Infinity" is on the shortlist of greatest 90's Hip Hop songs ever. It almost did not happen.

Souls of Mischief EXCLUSIVELY spoke to AllHipHop regarding the 20th anniversary of their seminal debut album '93 Till Infinity and the lead single's producer A-Plus explains how the beat for their most renowned song was originally given to a member of another 90's hip hop collective:

What happened was we used to go to the studio, we were making '93 Till [Infinity the album], I was making beats in my spare time. I really didnt think nothing of it. I made it after one of those sessions when I got home. Before any of the fellas heard it Pep Love [of Hieroglyphics] heard it first and said 'that's dope, can I have it'? and I said 'sure you can have it'. Then when we got to the studio and we were looking for beats and I was like 'I made this beat that I gave to Pep'. They heard it and was like "dude, you cant be giving away beats while we working on the album.

Souls of Mischief recently performed at SOBs for a 20th anniversary concert celebration for '93 Till Infinity. Check out their performance of their biggest hit ever, "93 Till Infinity":