EXCLUSIVE: Actress Sharon Stone Says "Challenged" Rapper Chanel West Coast Stole Her Image

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The legendary actress is very unhappy with "challenged" rapper Chanel West Coast, whom she says stole her image and likeness for her hit song and video.

(AllHipHop News) Actress Sharon Stone is going after Chanel West Coast, claiming the rapper ruined her image with the song "Sharon Stoned."

Sharon Stone filed a lawsuit against over the song and video for "Sharon Stoned," which the actress says is tarnishing her image.

Sharon claims the song is nothing but an exploitation of her hard work over the years, after starring in hit movies like "Basic Instinct," "Casino," "Total "Recall," and others.

Sharon Stone also accused Chanel West Coast, born Chelsea Chanel Dudley, of clout chasing,.

Stone claims the rapper has "desperately sought to garner credibility and stature in the hip-hop community."

"Challenged to achieve success as a rap artist, on information and belief, Defendant Dudley has sought to enhance her stature as a rapper by invoking and trading on the celebrity status and fame of others," Sharon Stone's lawyer Gary A. Hecker, Esq snapped.

To make matters worse, Chanel West Coast repeats Sharon Stone's name 33 times in the song, while the name "Sharon" is uttered 99 times.

Sharon Stone is upset because the video blatantly trades on her likeness, image, identity, and persona, as well as her award-winning performances in "Basic Instinct" and "Casino."

Sharon Stone is also unhappy with Chanel West Coast for invoking her image to promote the sale of cannabis paraphernalia without her permission on "Sharon Stoned."

Sharon Stone is suing Chanel West Coast for unfair competition violation, and violating the California common law right of publicity and is asking a judge to award her damages. 

Check out the video, which features a memorable performance featuring legendary rapper Redman and actor Michael Rapaport. 

Actress Sharon Stone Sues Chanel West Coast over "Sharon Stoned."
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this bony bitch still trying to rap?? smhhhh


If you know Rob Dyrdek, then you know he isn't going to let her get hurt. Parody laws definitely may save her, the problem I have is that Sharon Stone is NOT going to lose any money or acting jobs because an artist made a song using her name or likeness. The only way that could come close to happening is if it was implied on the song that Sharon Stone gets high!

Grateful ray
Grateful ray

Rappaport & Redman were funny


Sharon Stone will lose and Chanel West Coast will get more famous.........


I don't wanna even listen to this trash but Parody laws may save her.