EXCLUSIVE: Black Rob Talks Making Music with Nate Dogg; Reflects on East vs. West Feud

(AllHipHop News) Recently during an exclusive interview with New York native Black Rob, AllHipHop spoke with the former Bad Boy artist about his favorite Hip-Hop collaboration over the years.

Among other things, Rob explained why the feature with the former Death Row crooner Nate Dogg stuck out in his mind and how the song was important for his second album, The Rob Report.

"I would say Nate Dogg, he was in the studio with me when I did it, you know how those [studio sessions] go. There's a certain camradery you have to have when you're in the studio with another MC, your team is in there, you gotta like these guys... It ain't about money after that."

"That's one of my biggest joints I did with another MC and plus rest in peace to Nate Dogg, had to be around 03-04 right before the Rob Report," Black Rob continued.

Rob also recalled the East Coast vs. West Coast rivalry, explaining how the feud impacted his relationship with Nate Dogg.

"I didn't care about all that. If I personally didn't say nothing to Nate Dogg, or Snoop Dogg, or Kurupt, or Pac, I wasn't involved in that. I'm still going to LA doing shows and everything. It wasn't like I was f**ked up, none of them never had anything bad to say about Black Rob. I could run into The Outlawz right now and they'll come in here drink with me, smoke with me, and have a f**king good time. I don't have those types of beefs "

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