EXCLUSIVE: Bryant McKinnie Calls Signing With The Baltimore Ravens "A Blessing in Disguise"

Baltimore Ravens' Bryant McKinnie is focused on his role as left tackle during his third season for the 2012 NFL Super Bowl Champs, but before he resumed that role, he put a plan in place for his record label, BMajor Music.

BMajor Music recently released Young Lace's latest mixtape "Bi Polar II," which features top artists like Trey Songz, Lil Mouse, Skeme, Cashout, Le$ and others. McKinnie founded the label in January of 2011, with the goal of allowing artists to "create music that allowed the freedom of self-expression."

In addition to Young Lace, BMajor Music is working with female R&B singer BRI and male crooner, TyRell.

Before Bryant McKinnie left Miami for Owings Mills, Maryland for Ravens training camp, the 11-year veteran took a moment to speak with AllHipHop.com about his upcoming season.

He said that they have a new team and new leadership to step up since linebacker Ray Lewis and center Matt Burke retired last season.

"It was actually a blessing in disguise coming from the Vikings for nine years and then being able to go there [Baltimore] and in my first year we went to the AFC Championship and we lost to New England," Bryant McKinnie told AllHipHop.com. "Then the following year, we made it back to the AFC Championship, played New England and won."

He also touched on his close relationship with Ray Lewis and what prompted him to join The Ravens.

"Basically 'cause Ray Lewis didn't allow me to make any other options," McKinnie said of his choice to head to Baltimore. "When I left the Vikings I got a phone call from Ray Lewis and I was trying to weigh out my options with other teams. He was like 'we need you here. You're the missing piece to the puzzle.' We all went to the same college so I decided that was the best fit."
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