EXCLUSIVE: Chanel West Coast & Sharon Stone Trying To Squash Legal Battle Over Rap Video

Nolan Strong

Chanel West Coast and Sharon Stone are trying to settle their differences outside of court after the actress accused the rap star of ruining her image.

(AllHipHop News) AllHipHop has confirmed rapper Chanel West Coast has linked up with Sharon Stone, and the pair are trying to squash their beef.

Sharon Stone blamed Chanel West Coast for ruining her image by releasing a drug-fueled anthem called "Sharon Stoned."

The rapper was accused of shooting a video for "Sharon Stoned" and blatantly stealing scenes from some of Sharon's most beloved movies, including "Casino" and "Basic Instinct."

Sharon Stone also claimed Chanel West Coast was "challenged" as a rap artist, so she used the actresses' fame to cash in with the song "Sharon Stoned."

As proof, Sharon noted, "Sharon Stoned" repeats her name 99 times during the 3:01 track.

Chanel responded in kind and said she made Sharon Stone relevant again. The rapper also accused Sharon of being a two-faced, backstabbing hypocrite because she was initially down to make an appearance in the video.

Sources close to both parties confirmed the ladies are "in deep negotiations" to settle the whole ordeal.

Chanel and Sharon Stone are "cautiously optimistic" they will be able to resolve the matter without having to duke it out in court.

Both women agreed that settlement talks would be more productive - cheaper than a long, drawn-out legal battle.

Chanel West Coast has until January 31st to reach an agreement with Sharon Stone.

If the rapper cannot negotiate the settlement with Sharon Stone, the actress is planning on continuing forward with her lawsuit. 

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Sharon is and was a terrific actress but there is nothing you can say or do to tant Sharon's reputation that she hasn't already done. There is only 1 reason Stone is fighting this with Chanel and it's plain and simple greed. She can have 100 billion dollars and it wouldn't be enough and Sharon knows that and stealing a little publicity in the mean time


Sharon Stone net worth is bout $60 million and Chanel West Coast net worth bout $6 million. Sharon Stone dont need nothing. Who cares if she used yours or just a name that happened to be Sharon Stone. or Stoned haha. Chanel im sure and know that shes not out there to hurt Stone at all. Sharon need to calm her older self and be the older person in this. Gosh we all adults here. SHARON ACT LIKE ONE. haha


Has been vs Never been in a Bullshit Battle for relevance. We need to know how Ja-Rule feels about all this.