EXCLUSIVE: Chuck D And Flavor Flav Are Back Together In Public Enemy After A "Great Hoax"


Chuck D reveals in exclusive new interview that their "break-up" was really a social experiment about the media.

(AllHipHop News) That was fast. Chuck D has revealed that he and Flavor Flav are back together in the politically-charged rap collective Public Enemy,

Not only are they back, but the leader of the group also says the whole ordeal never was. 

In the latter part of April, Chuck D, under the name Public Enemy Radio, signed on to perform at a Bernie Sanders rally in Los Angeles. His longtime partner-in-rhyme Flavor Flav disagreed with the manuver and sent a cease-and-desist letter to the Sanders camp, claiming foul on the use of the Public Enemy name. On March 1, Chuck D tweeted that Flavor Flav was no longer in the group, causing a maelstrom of confusion, online chatter and debate among fans of the group.

The good news: they were trying to make a big point, Chuck D has exclusively revealed to Tim Einekel, a podcaster that runs "The Library With Tim Einekel." The interview runs well over an hour with Chuck D talking about a myriad of topics.

"It was the 'hoax that ain't no joke.' Yeah, it was intentional. It was intentional to drag out people like 'Here it is and here you are,'" he told Einekel. "People didn't hear a word I said up on that [Bernie Sanders rally] platform. Everybody talks about the blogs they're on or the TV interview. I used the 'blog' of a dude running for the president of the United States to be able to say what I had to say. And they didn't hear a word I had to say. So Enemy Radio is that political component that speaks to that."

Chuck D admitted that he was on the receiving end of a lot of the criticism, but he and Flav sat and watched the aftermath unfurl. 

"I expected all types of shrapnel to come out on March 2nd and it did. It was just interesting seeing some people that were close to us, come out in the wash saying things...things that I thought were insincere. I was watching. Flavor was watching it all roll out," Chuck D said.

Flavor Flav apparently wanted the whole prank to go on with no end in sight, but Chuck D shot it down.

Chuck D said, "Flavor wanted this to go past April 1st and I said 'No, buddy. I've been taking an acid bath.' I can take a hit on my stock, but his stock has come up. I expected media to do all kinds of things. The football was bouncing all over the place. And I read everything. And I read the dumbest things. You know what? Stupid don't get smart all of a sudden."

The New York native also chided those that did pick Flav's side in the "beef."

"You (fans) got all this sympathy. I said, 'You didn't support a damn thing Flav did over the last five years.' You just happened to turn the TV on and see him on a TV show," he said. "But Flavor's done art and he's been in concert. And if you wasn't there to support his art, how can you say you are his support?" Because you're used to sucking up the bad news. The bad look. This was a teachable moment for me, man."

"If you see Chuck D and Flavor Flav together,  anytime in the future, you better back up your support. Or you don't have to. But, the good look has to happen in Hip-Hop across the board. It can't be the narrative that dead rapper rise up the Billboard charts," he continued.

The whole point? Far too much of Hip-Hop press and recognition is rooted in negativity like the tragic murders of Pop Smoke and Nipsey Hussle.

"Its a slap in my face when people say 'I love Hip-Hop' but you 41 and the news you read about Hip-Hop is about another dead rapper," Chuck said. "And that's what Jadakiss it talking about on his latest album, Ignatius. We can't have the narrative spinning out of control for their sake. When it come to our artform, it rains on everybody, man."

Lastly, Flavor Flav is featured on the new Enemy Radio album, Loud Is Just Not Enough and the group is working on a new Public Enemy album slated for release June of 2020.

Listen to the whole interview below:

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Some real goofy shit.


If this truly was a stunt, it made both sides look like shit at the worst time. What are the possible positives of this? Chuck D himself has been looking at Flav as a deadbeat crack head for years..... This is some bullshit.
April fools still over there I take it.


This is awesome