EXCLUSIVE: Cipha Sounds Names His Stand-Up Comedian Mount Rushmore

(AllHipHop News) Veteran NYC deejay Cipha Sounds is not just a former Hot 97 radio personality and current co-host of the Juan Epstein podcast. Cipha is also a stand-up comedian and curator of The No Small Talk Comedy Series on Tidal.

With his years of experience in the comedy realm, AllHipHop.com connected with Ciph to get his list of joke tellers that he believes should be etched on a potential Mount Rushmore of stand-up comics. The Bronx native selected four funny men that are responsible for causing millions of laughs in comedy clubs, concert halls, and living rooms around the world.

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Dave Chappelle

He can rock any crowd. He still loves the art form 100%. He can rock for hours and hours on stage. He will take a regular conversation you have had and go on stage and make that sh-t the funniest comedy bit ever.

Patrice O’Neal

R.I.P. He would spit the truth in the funniest ways possible. He would make a comedy club almost uncomfortable at times with the truth, but then bring it all the way back from the depths of uncomfortable and make it the funniest show ever.

Louis C.K.

The guy is a killer on stage and was coming up with new hours every year. That is very hard to do. But I also like him cause he doesn’t give a sh-t about being the “man” in the industry. He does what the f-ck he wants. It’s impressive.

Jerry Seinfeld

We all know the obvious things that he’s done to change the game. What I like about him is that even though he is rich and famous, he still wants to get on stage all the time and tell jokes – write jokes from scratch, get on stage and tell them, fix and edit them, and then try them again.

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Read Cipha Sounds' full AllHipHop.com interview here. Season 2 of Cipha Sounds’ The No Small Talk Comedy Series is available for streaming on Tidal. Watch the trailer for The No Small Talk Comedy Series below.

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Posted by TIDAL on Wednesday, March 16, 2016