EXCLUSIVE: DEA Speaks On Lil Wayne's Arrest

Rapper Lil Wayne and two others are still in custody at this hour, after appearing in court and being initialed on pending felony charges.

Lil Wayne, born Dwayne Carter, Jr., along with 23-year-old Harold Johnson, Jr and 24-year-old Curtis Stewart, were arrested at approximately 11:20 pm MT, at a Border Patrol Checkpoint along Interstate 8 near Dateland, AZ, about one hour east of Yuma.

According to the Drug Enforcement Administration in Arizona, Lil Wayne was traveling with 11 others aboard a tour bus along I-8, the most common route between San Diego, CA and Tucson, AZ where Wayne performed on Sunday evening (Jan 20).

The rapper’s bus was flagged for inspection by a K-9 unit. After the New Orleans native consented to a search, the K-9 unit boarded Wayne’s bus to complete a full search.

"The K-9 Unit found multiple types of drugs, as well as currency, and firearms," DEA spokeswoman Ramona Sanchez told AllHipHop.com. "One of the firearms, a .44 caliber pistol was registered to Mr. Carter. He did have a concealed weapon permit from Florida, but we are investigating whether it violates any Arizona laws."

Sanchez added that the K-9 Unit recovered 105 grams of marijuana (3.7 ounces), almost 29 grams of cocaine (1.02 ounces), 41 grams of Ecstasy (1.05 ounces) and $22,000 dollars in cash.

"The two other individuals were charged with possession of marijuana," Sanchez said. "Mr. Carter was charged with possession of the cocaine and ecstasy, and possession of miscellaneous paraphernalia."

Per the Yuma County Court, the County Attorney has 48 hours to file felony complaints on these charges.

Lil Wayne’s bond was set at $10,185 dollars, while Johnson and Stewart are being held on $3,009 bond.

The rapper was released today (January 23) and is due back in court January 25.

After posting $10,185 bond, the rapper signed autographs for several fans outside a Yuma bail bondsman's office.

The arrest comes as Lil Wayne prepares to release The Carter III, which is slated for a March 11 release.